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Спецес - летний дом

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Spetses, 800 meters from the seashore, complex of 3 luxury villas with total surface of 375 m², in a truly privileged plot of 3.000 m², with a large swimming pool and panoramic, unobstructed views from all points, to the sea, to the islands of Hydra and Dokos , the mainland Peloponnese and the town of Spetses. Just 1 km from the port of Dapia, it was built in 2007 with very personal care and attention.
The first three-level residence of 135 m², can accommodate 6 people, the second two-level residence of 65 m², can accommodate 3 people and the third three-level residence of 175 m², can accommodate 8 people.
Fully equipped and furnished. They also have a fireplace and large verandas with open views.

Surrounded by landscaped grounds with well designed gardens which include 500 m² of lawn with flower gardens, gazebos, pergolas, 6 pine trees, 6 olive trees, 7 carob trees, 4 citrus trees and of course the largest swimming pool of the island, with a diameter of 15 m x 7 m.

All above are located on a 2.5 meter-protected wall, made of the more expensive and rarely local stone, with a total length of 500 meters, providing calmness and sense of security.

In addition, there is a reception with an adjacent kitchen, fully equipped with professional refrigerators & appliances, storage racks & washroom. A little further along is the spacious, specially designed laundry room fitted with professional washer & dryers.
There is also two water storage tanks with a total capacity of 60 cubic meters, which together with the pump (2 pumps) and the well provide water for dishes, pool and watering of all gardens, trees and lawns throughout the year.

This particular property has been characterized as 'architectural jewel' and 'artwork'.
It has been awarded by a leading, well-known foreign magazine in 2016.

It is an extremely attractive package for any high-end professional: luxurious and fully independent residences, with a number of possible purposes, among which are:
a) Living with a large extended family as a personal residence.
b) For entertaining friends or business clients and other associates.
c) Renting to VIP clients when neither of the above a & b are applicable.
d) A Hotel unit with an established regular client base, and all of this in one of the best & most expensive locations on Spetses, the best – kept secret playground of the elite.
Информация о недвижимости
Код M-235
Категория летний дом Продать
Размер 375m2
Цена 2.500.000,00€
Район Острова - Спецес
уровни дом
Комнаты 8 спален, гостиная, кухня, 6 ванная
Лифт -
Год постройки 2007
Паркинг Да
Подсобное помещение Да
Подсобное помещение в цокольном этаже Да
Камин Да
вид моря
панорамный вид
Количество спальных мест17
участок земли3.000 sqm
Расстояние от моря800 m
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