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Сирос - земля - инвестиции

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Syros, at a distance of 9 km from the main port of Ermoupolis, a seaside area of ​​800.000 m2, adjacent to the boundaries of a village settlement.
On the North side it borders the sea with a length of 2.5 km, with small peninsulas, which protect 2 sandy beaches. On the southern side it borders on a settlement and on the other two sides it borders with properties owned by third parties.
The entire estate is bounded with stone walls on all sides except the side to the sea. Inside the property, drinking water runs throughout the year. Access to the property is from a basic asphalt road.
Possibility to be divided into 32 plots on which 280 sqm ground floor and 280 sqm basements can be built. Alternatively, independent houses of 50 sqm ground floor and 50 sqm basement or as otherwise desired by the buyers.
The property is in contact with the sea in a distance of 2,500 meters and has 3 bays with sandy beaches. The whole property is gently sloping and from all its spots the view to the sea is unlimited.
An excellent and rare piece of land. There are certificates of archeology, forestry, cadastre. Sale price on request. Bargain price.
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Информация о недвижимости
Код N-12615
Категория земля - инвестиции Продать
Размер 800.000m2
Цена 1.000,00€
Район Острова - Сирос
Лифт -
Год постройки -
Паркинг Да
Подсобное помещение Да
Подсобное помещение в цокольном этаже Да
Камин Да
Рядом с морем
вид моря
выгодная цена !
строительный потенциал8960 sqm
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